About Deem

The travel market is dominated by one player who seems to have grown fat and happy and complacent. The world of corporate travel is eager for an alternative who listens and responds fast. The timing is right for a company that is tech smart, market savvy and hungry – Deem. We’re seizing that opportunity with intuitive, state-of-the-business software, and a no bullshit approach to the customer.

All Business. No Trip. The most difficult part of any business trip is too often the trip itself. It shouldn’t be. Deem makes it painless for the traveler to get down to business without distraction, simpler for the travel manager and management company to keep track of all the moving parts, and easier for partners to get the information they need to stay competitive.

The Deem Work Fource platform is designed for the entire business travel ecosystem using machine learning, AI and predictive analytics. Deem’s suite of tools range from a dynamic traveler booking platform, travel manager cost controls, travel agency service technology and supplier revenue opportunities, including the world’s largest car service affiliate network and operator solutions.

Deem’s Work Fource services more than 50,000 corporate customers in 61 countries, speaking 15+ languages - including the world’s largest travel management companies. The company, headquartered in San Francisco, CA, with offices in Bangalore, India, is backed by leading venture capital funds, as well as corporate and private equity investors.


Deem Work Fource

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A suite of travel booking and management tools for the business traveler, travel manager, travel management company and supplier. Deem Work Fource brings beautiful design, machine learning and customization together to provide the business travel ecosystem with a dynamic and seamless platform - all the way from shopping and booking to applying policy and managing costs.

Road Work, for the Traveler is a travel booking and management platform that is intuitive, easy to use, and fast, whether the computer’s in your hand or on the desktop.

Clock Work, for the Travel Manager reduces costs by improving compliance, raising adoption, all while keeping the traveler a happy camper.

Book Work, for the Travel Management Company is an adaptive platform for serving travelers - where ever they are in the world. 

Deem Net Work, for the Supplier connects content providers and suppliers with travelers through a dynamic and predictive platform on mobile or desktop. 


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Deem is independently certified for PCI 3.2.