Affiliate Management

Deem’s affiliate network for car service operators.

Extend your reach. Expand your business.

Deem affiliate connect membership enables operators to send reservations to and from their affiliates via an electronic, cross-platform reservation exchange network. Extend your company’s reach and brand visibility while reducing costs and errors. You’ll spend less time manually managing your affiliate reservations over the phone or email, and more time focusing on growing your core business.

Membership has its privileges. Using an electronic, cross-platform network, operators can automatically exchange reservations with others who use Deem affiliate connect. Transferred reservations will automatically appear in an operator's back-office system. If an operator doesn’t have a back-office system or doesn’t use any systems listed below, they can receive reservations, send status updates, and see final pricing by logging into the affiliate connect website using any Internet browser. Current customers can sign in here


Key Capabilities

  • Send and receive rides - Bi-directional reservation transfer with top back-office systems.

  • Load your rates - Load your ground transportation rates using the Deem Car Service Bulk Rate Loader.

  • Stay updated - Send and receive status updates and close out rides upon trip completion.

  • Increase accuracy - Prevent duplicate entries and other data entry errors with a fully automated system.

  • Connect to fleet management - Connect directly to Deem fleet management to improve back-office operations.

Available For:

Bi-directional back-office systems

  • Trip Tracker
  • Livery Coach
  • Hudson

Receive-only back-office systems

  • Limo Anywhere
  • Aleph
  • SantaCruz


Case Studies

Hear about the benefits of affiliate connect directly from one of its customers. Read our case study on Flyte Tyme here.