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AUG 2017


BCD, CWT To Launch Mobile Air Booking As TMCs Evolve Role In Mobile Transactions

Carlson Wagonlit Travel plans to introduce full airline shopping and booking capabilities within its CWT To Go app later this year. BCD Travel, too, confirmed mobile "air booking in TripSource is in development."

Aug 2017


Deem Competes for the coveted BTN Group Innovate award

Deem is scheduled to compete for the coveted BTN Group Innovate award this fall. Gadi Bashvitz and Tony D’Astolfo will be at the event, showcasing our newest Intelligent Attach solution to a group of discerning judges.

aug 2017


American Express Global Business Travel Makes Ground Transport Play With Mozio

Travel and expense tech provider Deem also has been working to improve ground transport booking options. In July it announced that Lyft is available through its system, as is Dav El BostonCoach and Empire CLS. That system now also matches a traveler’s trip details to the best ground transportation options, based on the traveler’s profile, location, time and any relevant corporate policies. “It also tracks changes in travel, such as a delayed flight to automatically update the ride reservation and keep users informed,” according to Deem information.

July 2017


John Rizzo Interviewed at gbta on the exciting new features deem offers

Watch John Rizzo, COO of Deem, Interview live at GBTA Boston on Deem's new artificial intelligence driven technology, Intelligent Attach.



July 2017 


Deem Announces Expanded Partnerships With Dav El/BostonCoach and Empire CLS

Deem, a mobile and cloud technology provider for the business travel industry, announced expanded partnerships with Dav El/BostonCoach and EmpireCLS. The chauffeured ground transportation providers will integrate their offerings into Deem’s Work Fource, a travel software platform used by more than 35,000 corporations and travel management companies around the world.

July 2017


Deem Launches Facebook Messanger Chatbot 

Deem is building out its Work Fource platform with a Facebook Messenger chatbot and integrations with chauffeured transportation providers. Additionally, the company has added Lyft to its ground transportation offering and made Intelligent Attach live in Work Fource.

July 2017


Deem on Stage at GBTA

Watch the video of Scott Solombrino President and CEO of Dav El | Boston Coach on stage at GBTA sharing the exciting news with the GBTA audience. 

JUNE 2017


How AI and Machine Learning Can Help Fix Corporate Hotel Booking

Personalized recommendations powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies can improve the experience of business travelers at every stage of their travel journey. These features are especially advantageous in the hotel space, which is plagued by non-compliant bookings.

May 2017 


Deem Work Fource: Business Travel Software That Works

Deem, a mobile and cloud technology provider for the business travel industry, today announced general availability of its Deem Work Fource platform, a next-generation software suite that offers a much-needed alternative to the present corporate online booking tools used by many businesses.

MAY 2017


Building Millennial Business Traveler Loyalty Through Better Mobile Experiences

Millennials have quickly become a consumer group that corporate travel companies can no longer ignore. They now make up the largest generation in the US workforce, according to Pew Research Center analysis of US Census Bureau data, and they’re reshaping overarching trends in the workplace.

May 2017


Are Single Platform Travel and Expense Tools Always Best for Business Travelers?

In business travel, it’s become common practice to use a single corporate travel tool to book travel and process expenses. However, the needs and desires of today’s business traveler have evolved in recent years, especially as millennials have entered the workforce and have shifted expectations in what they need and want out of a business trip. The new demands of the modern business traveler means that a one-size-fits-all solution is no longer necessary, cost-effective, or productive for every traveler and every company.

May 2017


How APIs Support Choice In T&E Platforms And Spend Strategy

Few areas of corporate spend see a more complex mix of spending strategy than in business travel and expense management. Whether it’s an employee booking a flight using a company card or spending their own money for reimbursement later, corporate travel spend typically consists of a mesh of payment technologies, and visibility into overall spend can get buried along the way.

MAY 2017


Deem Launches API for Expense Management Systems

After revamping its travel booking platform, Deem has opened up its application programming interface to expense management firms. Chrome River is the first to connect through the Open Expense API, according to Deem president and COO John Rizzo.

APR 2017



Business Travel Technology Provider Deem Rolls Out New Work Fource Platform

Next generation software suite set to improve business travel experience for entire ecosystem

Deem, a provider of mobile and cloud technology solutions for the business travel industry, has introduced its Deem Work Fource platform, a next-generation software suite that provides optimized solutions for each of the four key constituencies in the business travel ecosystem. 

Apr 2017



Deem Is Taking On Concur & the Industry's Expense-First Mind-Set

If there's any doubt that Deem, as a way forward for its own corporate revival, is not-so-subtly targeting the industry's dependence on Concur, one need only look at Deem's announcement of its new software suite to confirm it. "Let's face it: We all concur that almost everyone finds the traditional corporate booking tools lacking in many ways," Deem president and COO John Rizzo says in the company's press release. See what he did there?

feb 2017


GoEuro gets three new VPA, Deem bolsters leadership team, and more

Tahnee Perry has left her role at Northstar Travel Group to become vice president of marketing at the travel tech provider. Other new senior roles include Todd Kaiser as VP and group leader of travel and expense, and Gadi Bashvitz as VP and group leader of car service.

nov 2016



The Extra Mile

Most of us have been there at one time or another. It's the end of one of those seemingly unending conference and all you really want now is to get on the airplane and head home.

nov 2016



deem's expense strategy

in April 2016, Grady stepped down  and John Rizzo stepped in as president and COO, armed with $34 million in secured funding, a narrower strategy and a new squad. He spoke with BTN payment and expense editor JoAnn DeLuna.

Oct 2016




AUG 2016




AUG 2016