Worldview Travel + Deem

When High Tech Meets High Touch

The Worldview Travel & Deem Partnership

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Becky Kingston

(714) 834-1066 ext 1221

Vice President, Corporate Travel

Oversees acquisition, implementation and servicing of Worldview Travel’s corporate clients. Prior to merging with Worldview Travel in 2009, Becky was the President and owner of On The Go Travel which she ran for 16 years.


Michael Serle

Director of Sales

(714) 540-7400 ext 1204

Mike has a combined total of 34 years of travel industry experience; primarily in B2B Sales and Marketing. Prior to Worldview, Mike focused on large market corporate sales at American Express, Boeing and Carlson Companies directed towards C-Suite executives and administrators.


The Problem

Customers Include:  Vizio, Western Growers, Yamaha Music, Panda Restaurant Group, Ellison Technologies

With over 40 years in the corporate travel management space, Worldview Travel is one of the largest privately owned corporate travel companies in North America with over $600M in annual revenue. Providing global travel management services to organizations of all sizes, it was around 7 years ago that they realized the game was rapidly changing and in order to succeed, they had to offer an online booking tool that reflected the technology consumers were growing accustomed to.

“We realized our clients needed a managed, integrated online corporate booking platform to manage all of their employee travel and expense. We knew the tool had to provide a frictionless user experience or customer adoption would be anemic,”
— said Michael Serle, Director of Sales at Worldview Travel.

Biggest Benefits of the Platform

  • Eliminate non-productive staff time spent searching multiple airline and hotel websites
  • Offer lower pricing and value-added-benefits not available from vendors directly
  • Increase accuracy of reservations through the tool’s comprehensive quality control
  • Save money by the unilateral tracking and utilization of unused tickets
  • Expedite the approval process for flight/itinerary options
  • Reduce costs by the unilateral application of client and agency discount contracts
  • Increase traveler convenience and adoption via a modern mobile app
  • Increase leverage with suppliers by utilizing robust management reporting
  • Locate/contact company employees immediately
  • Enhance accuracy and collection via automatic handoff of traveler profile data

The Solution

What they looked for in a tool

DEEM Uptime

98.8% reliability has increased dramatically compared to other platforms.

Online Adoption

95% compared to previous 55% to 60% adoption

Annual Savings

16.5% across-the-board compared to consumer and airline owned website pricing



Achieved near 100% capture of hotel and car rental expenses when Expense tool was deployed

Non-Air Revenue

45% Increase in non-air revenue

Worldview looked at all the OBT offerings in the marketplace searching for solution that was modern, user-friendly, and had a solid pricing structure with good terms and conditions. “Deem was the product that checked off all the boxes for us. We were immediately drawn to the personal assistant philosophy which was was well adopted by our clients and provided a better workflow overall. The experience was quicker, more intuitive, and had a superior UI than their competition,” said Becky Kingston, Vice President of Corporate Travel at Worldview Travel.

We capitalized on the momentum that Deem had built over the years with their technology solution and knew that with Worldview’s high-touch account management, we had a winning solution for our clients,”
— MIchael Serle, Director of Sales

Technology aside, Worldview Travel cites continued innovation of the product and education on new features as other benefits of working with Deem over the last 7 years. “Deem was very supportive, and as they came out with new products and enhancements, they always provided thorough overviews of the new features and how to deploy them so we could best educate our customers,” said Serle.

While Worldview Travel offers an additional OBT for those customers on a different Expense tool than Deem Expense, they cite that 80% of their customers have chosen Deem after reviewing the other options, and that’s without knowing about Deem’s positive reputation for solid support and service.

“We are adamant about being agnostic when presenting various expense and travel tool options to our customers but even in so doing the clients invariably select Deem after they see a demo due to the the product’s uptime ratio and other features like Southwest Direct which gives our customers access to all of Southwest’s web fares—they love that.”  

Selecting Deem as their OBT has meant continued innovation they can offer their customers which has meant time and money saved by their customers whose employees no longer have to search multiple sites to find the best fares or itineraries.

“We capitalized on existing online booking behaviors and converted those independent behaviors into a managed travel solution. Everyone was going onto Hotwire and Expedia and multiple online websites to book travel and we can consolidate it all into one OBT where it can be completely managed. This is an incredible time saver since employees don’t have to search all over the internet to find the lowest ticket prices,”
— said Serle

Three words for describing your partnership with Deem?

“Innovation, support, ease of use, and I’m going to throw in a fourth which is flexibility. We feel as though we have a personal relationship with Deem. If we need something, we know exactly who to call to get something done and that reliability and care is invaluable,” s
— aid Serle.