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Managing business travel can be frustrating experience for travelers and corporations alike. Travelers want an efficient and personalized booking experience; companies want to increase compliance and adoption.

Deem Work Fource anticipates travelers needs, adjusts dynamically and maintains control over purchasing decisions. Easy booking, cost controls and preemptive assistance are a tap away.


Personalize travel preferences

Employees can easily personalize Deem Travel to their exact preferences, setting up seat and meal choices on flights and hotel preferences, along with notifications for family members and assistants to keep them informed. They can also add frequent flyer, hotel loyalty and other travel-related programs.

Employee adoption and satisfaction

Deem Travel simplifies booking with an intuitive interface for shopping and buying. Search for ground and air travel options by time window and access personalized results in seconds. View hotel options based on itinerary, check out hotel images and videos, and read TripAdvisor reviews to make the best in-policy decisions.

Powerful mobile app

View and search for upcoming flights from your phone, and book hotels and car service based on location, brand, policy, TripAdvisor ratings, or price. Stay informed and share details with real-time status updates via email, voice, and text.

Key capabilities

  • Set policy - Tailor travel policies and restrictions. We'll even help you set policies and restrictions if you don't have them in place.

  • Automated exchange - Rebook, reuse or refund — our automated ticket exchange reduces your unused ticket liability seconds.

  • Approve in advance - Unique pre-trip approval and notification workflow saves time and money.

  • Dynamic messaging - Receive automated notifications about changes to itineraries.

  • Repeat bookings - Easily replicate frequent trips and store your travel preferences to streamline future bookings.

  • Go mobile - Search and book all your travel needs on the Deem mobile app.

  • Control messaging - Create, change and delete custom messages to communicate certain travel policy or supplier related info.

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Affiliate Management

Deem’s affiliate network for car service operators.

Extend your reach. Expand your business.

Deem affiliate connect membership enables operators to send reservations to and from their affiliates via an electronic, cross-platform reservation exchange network. Extend your company’s reach and brand visibility while reducing costs and errors. You’ll spend less time manually managing your affiliate reservations over the phone or email, and more time focusing on growing your core business.

Membership has its privileges. Using an electronic, cross-platform network, operators can automatically exchange reservations with others who use Deem affiliate connect. Transferred reservations will automatically appear in an operator's back-office system. If an operator doesn’t have a back-office system or doesn’t use any systems listed below, they can receive reservations, send status updates, and see final pricing by logging into the affiliate connect website using any Internet browser. 


Key Capabilities

  • Send and receive rides - Bi-directional reservation transfer with top back-office systems.

  • Load your rates - Load your ground transportation rates using the Deem Car Service Bulk Rate Loader.

  • Stay updated - Send and receive status updates and close out rides upon trip completion.

  • Increase accuracy - Prevent duplicate entries and other data entry errors with a fully automated system.

  • Connect to fleet management - Connect directly to Deem fleet management to improve back-office operations.


Choose the plan that works for you. Our pricing is flexible so you get–and pay for–exactly what you need. View pricing here.

Available For:

Bi-directional back-office systems

  • Voyageur
  • FASTTRAK Cloud
  • Livery Coach
  • Flyte Tyme Network
  • Trip Tracker

Receive-only back-office systems

  • Limo Anywhere
  • Aleph
  • Hudson Group
  • Paragon
  • Limo Magic

Case Studies

Hear about the benefits of affiliate connect directly from one of its customers. Read our case study on Flyte Tyme here.  

Corporate Travel Planning and Booking

Deem Work Fource is a suite of travel booking and management tools for the business traveler, travel manager, travel management company and supplier. 

Try Deem's online booking platform and see just how easy it is to book in policy, compliant travel. 

Deem Work Fource: Your Smartest Choice

All Business. No Trip. 

The most difficult part of any business trip is too often the trip itself.  It shouldn’t be. We make it easier for the traveler to get down to business without distraction.  We make it simple for the manager to keep track of all the moving parts.  And we support our partners with the information they need to stay competitive. 

We have 35,000 corporate customers and growing, and the world’s largest travel management companies are now on the Deem platform.  We’ve figured out how to cut through the crap in the travel business. We get it.

Deem Solutions

Business Travel

Travel With Deem

Deem Work Fource transforms the travel ecosystem with predictive and personalized solutions, designed to streamline every aspect of the traveler’s journey. Deem solutions increase adoption and compliance, improve hotel and car attachment rates, provide powerful traveler and travel program insights and delivers superior distribution capabilities.

Trusted car service is a tap away

Car Service

Deem gives car service a 21st-century makeover, bringing the benefits of SaaS and modern technology to an industry that’s been held back by antiquated systems. Travelers can summon a chauffeured ride with the tap of a button, while staying in compliance and saving money by using only company-approved operators.

Car service operators can maximize efficiencies with automated dispatch and back-office software, modern driver and rider apps, and extend their businesses’ reach through Deem Affiliate Connect – the largest affiliate network in the industry. More than half of the top 100 chauffeured transportation operators contract with Deem Car Service for these very reasons.

Travel expense management with any solution

Deem Open Expense integrates Deem Work Fource with any travel expense application, so you can choose the best expense platform for your business. If you're looking for an integrated solution, Deem's travel expense tool is available on mobile and desktop. Travelers can book trips and manage expenses in one seamless platform. Deem Expense automates complex processes like receipt collection, per diems, and recording. Deem Expense is the easy choice for employees, corporate travel managers, and finance departments.

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