Deem Reservation and Dispatch

Deem’s travel technology solutions for car service operators.

Next Generation Dispatching

The online, on-demand revolution has caught up with the ground transportation industry. People are less patient, have higher expectations, and expect to be able to get what they need through whichever device they have on hand. Whisk Reservation and Dispatch Management is the only system designed from the ground up to delight customers the same way they are delighted when they use Google, Facebook, Uber, or Amazon.

Save Money

Lower your overhead through automation. Auto-complete, PBX, airline integration, and other modern features let you take a call in less time. Automate 80% of dispatch and pre-assign rides for the next day. Self-serve options for your passengers lets you deliver higher quality customer service, but with fewer operators and dispatchers. Never pay for servers again.

Delight Customers

Book a ride in less than 10 seconds. Service rides you normally couldn’t. Hand off reservations from operators to web to apps and back.

Turn Drivers On

Patent-pending algorithm that rewards loyal drivers. Wake up alarms. Cross streets. Maps and directions plus multi-lingual support. All the features to make your drivers’ lives easier.

Be Modern

Whisk is your only alternative to benefit from SaaS. The only software that is Google Smart and the only infrastructure that is mobile first.

Pricing and Agreement

Choose the plan that works for you. Our pricing is flexible so you get–and pay for–exactly what you need. Click here to view pricing.

Want to see how much return you can get over three years with us? Click here to check out our ROI calculator.

Case Studies & Whitepapers

Hear about the benefits of Whisk directly from one of its customers. Read our case study on Big Apple Car here.  

Read our whitepaper on how the chauffeured transportation industry can dominate the corporate car service by shifting their attention from TNC’s and focusing on their core competitive advantage. Click here to read.