Deem Webinars


The tech effect

Watch Tony D'Astolfo, Deem's Chief Innovator as he explores the impact of behemoth companies like Google, Facebook and Uber. 

  • How these companies are growing market share and engaging users
  • The impact they have on the corporate travel industry
  • What you can do to protect yourself
  • How you can take advantage of the changing marketplace


Reimagining Corporate Travel

Disruptors in travel are making it harder for corporations to manage travel with the same approach, policy and tools. Content fragmentation, supplier direct initiatives and a bevy of new consumer apps are challenging even the most progressive travel programs. How are managers responding?

You can access the 60 minute recording by filling in the form. It only takes a minute!

Insights you’ll discover: 

  • Approaches to content fragmentation
  • Easing traveler frustrations with corporate tools
  • How to deal with supplier direct initiatives
  • Bright ideas – innovation in corporate travel

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