About Deem

The travel market is dominated by one player who is increasingly complacent. The timing is right and the opening in there for a company that is tech smart, industry savvy and hungry. The world of corporate travel is eager for an alternative who listens and responds in real time.

Deem will seize that opportunity - with intuitive, state-of-the-business software, and a no-bullshit approach to the customer. We get it and we're ready for work.

The Executive Deem Team at the San Francisco HQ

The Executive Deem Team at the San Francisco HQ

Deem Work Fource

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A suite of travel booking and management tools for the business traveler, travel manager, travel management company and supplier. Deem Work Fource brings beautiful design, machine learning and customization together to provide the business travel ecosystem with a dynamic and seamless platform - all the way from shopping and booking to applying policy and managing costs.

Deem Road Work, for the Traveler: is a mission-achieving travel booking and management platform optimized for right-when-you-need-it problem solving. A seamless and full functionality experience across desktop and mobile.

Deem Clock Work, for the Travel Manager: advanced technologies that improve compliance and cut down costs. Personalized tools for winning at traveler satisfaction, increasing adoption, and making you the hero. 

Deem Book Work, for the Travel Management Company: an adaptive platform for conquering your travel agent service requirements. Increase efficiency, cut costs and grow revenue - and make sure the traveler wins the race.

Deem Net Work, for the Supplier: connect with road warriors before and during their trips. Grow revenue, build loyalty and win the hearts of travelers around the globe. 


What We Do

Our mission is simple. We make business travel less complicated for travelers, less costly for employers and more profitable for service providers. Using our industry-leading software solutions, employees book travel and car service and report those expenses faster and more easily than ever before. Corporations control costs more effectively. Travel management companies deliver more engaging customer experiences. Car service operators benefit from new efficiencies and widen their customer reach.

In other words, everybody wins. We've helped thousands of forward-thinking companies modernize their systems, improve travel management and save money.

Deem is backed by leading venture capital funds as well as corporate and private equity investors. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, CA with offices in Bangalore, India.

Deem Travel 

Deem makes business trip planning fast and seamless. Users can book flights, hotel, rail, car rental and car service – and report expenses – all in one desktop platform or mobile app. Companies save money on every purchase by combining employee preferences along with corporate policies and negotiated rates with their preferred providers.

Deem Expense 

It’s the industry’s slickest, quickest travel expense reporting tool: easy to configure, easy to deploy and easy to use with streamlined web and mobile apps. It all integrates seamlessly with other accounting and ERP systems. Want to use another expense platform with your travel program? No problem! Integrate to any system with Deem Open Expense - a quick and easy connector to any expense provider.

Deem Car Service 

Deem gives car service a 21st-century makeover, bringing the benefits of cutting-edge technology to an industry that’s been held back by old-school tools. Now corporate users can summon a chauffeured ride with the tap of an app, while holding down costs by using only company-approved operators. Deem solutions automate formerly manual processes like dispatch and billing, greatly improving efficiencies. And Deem enables travel management companies to include car service in their booking systems, creating new revenue streams.