Travel With Deem

Managing business travel can be frustrating experience for travelers and corporations alike. Travelers want an efficient and personalized booking experience; companies want to increase compliance and adoption.

Deem Work Fource anticipates travelers needs, adjusts dynamically and maintains control over purchasing decisions. Easy booking, cost controls and preemptive assistance are a tap away.


Personalize travel preferences

Employees can easily personalize Deem Travel to their exact preferences, setting up seat and meal choices on flights and hotel preferences, along with notifications for family members and assistants to keep them informed. They can also add frequent flyer, hotel loyalty and other travel-related programs.

Employee adoption and satisfaction

Deem Travel simplifies booking with an intuitive interface for shopping and buying. Search for ground and air travel options by time window and access personalized results in seconds. View hotel options based on itinerary, check out hotel images and videos, and read TripAdvisor reviews to make the best in-policy decisions.

Integrated policy drives savings

Building company policy is simple, but implementation and enforcement can be difficult. With Deem, travel policies are integrated at every step of the travel booking process, saving your company money and time. Employees are kept informed with out-of-policy warnings throughout the booking process, so they know spending limits prior to purchasing.

Pre-Trip Approval

Deem's unique pre-trip approval and notification workflow provides the flexibility to review 100% of bookings but only take action on those that stand out. Some of the benefits include the ability to review travel visa requirements prior to approval to save hassle down the road. Learn more.


Automated Ticket Exchange

Rebook, reuse or refund — reducing your unused ticket liability in just a sliver of time, and with unparalleled precision. Deem's automated ticket exchange reduces processing time and provides the highest level of re-pricing accuracy as it automatically recalculates complex fares, taxes and penalties for domestic and international flights — and signals users if lower-cost, in-program fares are available for exchange.

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Facebook Messenger Assistance

Deem Facebook Messenger connects travelers to their corporate Deem Work Fource platform and profile within the Messenger app, accessible on any device, anywhere. Deem Facebook Messenger supports the traveler when and where they need it. Learn more.

Intelligent Attach

Deem Intelligent Attach is an artificial intelligence and machine learning technology that predicts preferred hotels for travelers based on history, preference, and +200 million real-time sentiment data points. Learn more.

Proactive Check-In

Access to free 24-hour auto check-in on Southwest Airlines, guaranteeing a 90% placement in A + B boarding. 

Linked Calendar

Automatic and dynamic calendar entries are created with every travel booking - accessible online and offline, via mobile, sharable and connected to an address book. Fully integrated with Exchange Server, LDAP, iCal and Google Calendar. Learn more.

Dynamic Messaging

Dynamic messaging allows for customizable messaging, based on individuals or groups. Messages can be assigned to content or behavior, such as out of policy bookings and real-time emergency or weather challenges.

Universal Content

Access to unique and discounted content including Alaska Airlines, Amtrak,, Southwest Airlines, SilverRail and Virgin America. 

Universal Aggregation

Localized content across the globe, in 15 languages, including low cost carriers and rail. Exclusive access to Google ITA flight search and Southwest Direct Access. 

Powerful mobile app

View and search for upcoming flights from your phone, and book hotels and car service based on location, brand, policy, TripAdvisor ratings, or price. Stay informed and share details with real-time status updates via email, voice, and text.

Key capabilities

  • Set policy - Tailor travel policies and restrictions. We'll even help you set policies and restrictions if you don't have them in place.

  • Automated exchange - Rebook, reuse or refund — our automated ticket exchange reduces your unused ticket liability seconds.

  • Approve in advance - Unique pre-trip approval and notification workflow saves time and money.

  • Dynamic messaging - Receive automated notifications about changes to itineraries.

  • Repeat bookings - Easily replicate frequent trips and store your travel preferences to streamline future bookings.

  • Go mobile - Search and book all your travel needs on the Deem mobile app.

  • Control messaging - Create, change and delete custom messages to communicate certain travel policy or supplier related info.

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