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A suite of travel booking and management tools for the business traveler, travel manager, travel management company and supplier. Deem Work Fource brings beautiful design, machine learning and customization together to provide the business travel ecosystem with a dynamic and seamless platform - all the way from shopping and booking to applying policy and managing costs.


Deem Road Work For Travelers


Is a mission-achieving travel booking and management platform optimized for right-when-you-need-it problem solving. A seamless and full functionality experience across desktop and mobile. Learn more.


Deem Clock work for travel managers

Advanced technologies that improve compliance and cut down costs. Personalized tools for winning at traveler satisfaction, increasing adoption, and making you the hero. Learn more.


Deem Book work for travel management companies


An adaptive platform for conquering your travel agent service requirements. Increase efficiency, cut costs and grow revenue - and make sure the traveler wins the race. Learn more.


Deem Net work for suppliers

Connect with road warriors before and during their trips. Grow revenue, build loyalty and win the hearts of travelers around the globe. Learn more.



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Deem Online Booking: a modern online booking and management system for desktop and mobile usage which offers content, policy, and approval workflow for travelers, travel managers and travel management companies.

Intelligent Attach: an artificial intelligence and machine learning technology that predicts preferred hotels for travelers based on history, preference, and +200 million real-time sentiment data points.

Open Expense: a configurable API that connects to any external expense platform such as ChromeRiver, Coupa or Expensify.

Automated Exchange: a proactive technology that allows travelers to rebook, reuse or refund unused tickets automatically. The tool recalculates complex fares, penalties, taxes and fees for domestic and international flights.

Proactive Check-In: access to free 24-hour auto check-in on Southwest Airlines, guaranteeing a 90% placement in A + B boarding. 

Linked Calendar: automatic and dynamic calendar entries are created with every travel booking - accessible online and offline, via mobile, sharable and connected to an address book.  Fully integrated with Exchange Server, LDAP, iCal and Google Calendar.

Dynamic Messaging: allows for customizable messaging, based on individuals or groups. Messages can be assigned to content or behavior, such as out of policy bookings and real-time emergency or weather challenges.

Universal Content: access to unique and discounted content including Alaska Airlines, Amtrak,, Southwest Airlines, SilverRail and Virgin America. 

Universal Aggregation: localized content across the globe, in 15 languages, including low cost carriers and rail. Exclusive access to Google ITA flight search and Southwest Direct Access. 

Preemptive Assistance: Deem’s Work Fource platform intelligently predicts when travelers need to review travel plans, adjust their bookings and attach hotels or car service. 

Policy Builder: a robust policy engine that’s a snap to use. Supports complex cost control, including interactive pre-trip approval, seamless workflows, dynamic flagging and contextual messaging.

PNR Editor: Designed to create consistency between online and offline Passenger Name Records (PNR) for travel management company back-office, fulfillment and reporting needs. 

Intelligent Meetings: full integration with meetings platforms, including Cvent and Lanyon. Onboard users through Deem’s single sign on to reduce implementation time and apply customized policies.